Who is Wrongbird?


Wrongbird is a four piece piano-driven alternative rock band based in Austin, TX. The group, spearheaded by Eric Baker, the Chicago-born songwriter, pianist, and vocalist has crafted a unique niche for itself in a town full of shoe-gaze and synth rock bands. With in-your-face piano reminiscent of Ben Folds colliding with the inherent chaos of Jack White, the music here clings to an oddball energy that is at once nostalgic and novel. Wrongbird brings a ridiculous amount of energy to the stage at live shows, rollicking and careening through tune after tune of their song-oriented set with stellar execution and abandon. Thanks to this performed and tight ensemble of musicians, the band’s debut record, Epitome of the Opposite (2016), is at once ebullient, lush, and explorative, and an excellent debut for such a young group.

Wrongbird hit the studio in April of 2018 to record their follow-up EP, Who Is Wrongbird? This album not only captures the magic of Epitome of the Opposite, but also expands Wrongbird’s sound artistically in both production and performance. Who Is Wrongbird? is a love letter to the Austin music scene and marks the this project’s transformation from a singer-songwriter from Chicago to a collaborative Austin band. Whether it’s the c rocker “Nectar of Babylon”, the rainy day vibes of “Irish Jeremiah”, or the bluesy horn-filled jam “The Plot”, this album is a diverse collection of songs that accurately represents Wrongbird’s eclectic nature. The full album was released on November 10th, and is only the beginning for the future of Wrongbird.


Vocals, Piano / Eric Baker
Guitar / Michael Blake
Bass / Scott McIntyre
Drums / Nick Mikan